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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One Thing I've Been Up to Lately... 

In June, I got married (and since then, alas, I've had little time to blog: moving in, honeymoon, home improvement projects, usual summer hecticity, etc.).

Anyway, my wife and I married ourselves using self-uniting marriage license, which allows a couple to become married with no third-party officiant or celebrant. It's sometimes called a Quaker marriage, and although it's fairly unique across the nation it has been an option in the religiously accommodating Pennsylvania since 1701.

A mere three months afterwards, another couple (one of whom I happen to work with) was denied a self-uniting marriage license by the Allegheny County Marriage License Bureau. They were told that the county no longer offers self-uniting licenses and that they haven't been offered since 2005. After some reflection, Mary Jo and Dave decided to sue the county.

I'll let the media pick up the story from here.

For anyone in Pennsylvania seeking more information about self-uniting marriage licenses--which are legal in the state, but routinely denied (e.g., see this article)--read more here: Knelly v. Wagner.

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